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Sneaker Highlights

Sneaker Buzz

  • Nike Air Mag
    Nike Air Mag

    The innovative space shoe debuted by Michael J Fox in "Back To The Future" has had sneaker heads' attention since 1985. In the motion picture, it depicts being in the future which was 2015.

  • Original Jordans Yet to be Retro'd
    Original Jordans Yet to be Retro'd

    Ok. There are plenty of kicks in this feature. Jordan sneakers have rereleasing since 1994. So over the past two decades LOTS have retro'd, some plenty times in different forms. But there are quite a few original colorways that have yet to be released again. 

  • Red Yeezy 2
    Red Yeezy 2

    You've all heard about them. They've been all over the net. On February 17th at around 1PM Nike shocked the world and dropped these out of nowhere with no warming at all. I'm sure you've heard about Kanye's sneaker collaborations throughout the years.